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At CWS, we take pride in the technology and resources we provide our clients. With years of experience and a focus on finding the right tools to get the job done, we will evaluate your office needs and set you up with the resources that will get the job done right. We offer a wide variety of products to suit any size of business.

Some Of The Solutions We Offer:

  • Multifunction Printers
  • Printers
  • Wide Format Systems
  • Digital Duplicators 
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Shredders
  • Projectors
  • And More! 

Please visit our product library to browse the list of machines available. Contact us today for your quote! 

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction copiers have impressive amounts of versatility that make them a useful addition to any office environment. With amazing features, new technology, and advanced performance multifunction copiers provide businesses with the services they need all in one convenient device. For busy companies looking for a one-stop-shop, multifunction copiers are a great solution.

Speed & Resolution
When it comes to printing a project, businesses want to be nimble and get tasks accomplished quickly and accurately. The multifunction copiers from CWS allow businesses to print large amounts at rates of about 20 to 30 pages per minute! This saves time, energy and money for businesses everywhere. Though these printers do produce results at an impressive pace, they don’t sacrifice quality. Excellent resolution makes all projects pop and helps present information in attractive and engaging formats. The results are clear, sharp, and high-quality prints.

Going Green
With new technology comes greener products. All of the technology supported by CWS is designed with the Earth in mind. Our multifunction copiers are efficient, printing using tactics that save paper and ink. They also come equipped with energy saving abilities that allow them to shift into power-save modes when not in use. This cuts down on the amount of energy required.

In addition to the qualities above, multifunction copiers host a wide array of features that make them unsurpassable in quality. These versatile machines allow the operator to do many tasks all in one location including: Printing. Emailing Documents, Scanning, Copying, And more!


When it comes to the printing capabilities of your office, do you have the right machines for your workload? It can be hard to know which infrastructure you need to stay in-line with your goals. The experts and CWS can help. We consider your business size, printing demands, and current office technology to create a customized plan designed to help you succeed.

Working Together
Whether you have a dozen printers or just two, it’s important to know the technology is compatible and matches your needs. The CWS team can evaluate the number of printers you have and compare it to the amount of printing you do. When we see gaps in the workflow, we find creative and intelligent solutions to fix them. By the end of the process, you’ll have the right number of machines and they will all be working together seamlessly.

The Right Size, The Right Strength
For businesses working in smaller spaces, sometimes having a compact printer is a priority. We have printers that fit easily on a desk or other tight spaces. Big, small, and anything in between, one thing stays the same; all of our printers are easy to use. Designed specifically to be user-friendly, they are intuitive and eliminate or reduce start-up time.

Integration Made Easy
Working new technology into an already-established work system can be tricky, but with the printers from CWS, getting your new printers up and running has never been easier. Not only is setup a breeze, but our technicians have the skills and experience to get the job done right.

Wide Format

Typical office printers are the perfect solution for many office needs. All of our printers are reliable and produce excellent results every time. But what about the offices with atypical projects? For the creative and the unique, there is a printing solution with the versatility and color to match your needs. Wide Format Printers are created and developed with the creative person in mind.

Why Wide Format? 
The answer is clear and so are the prints! With impressive amounts of capabilities, these printers can produce many different kinds of projects for all your printing needs. Common projects include items like: Blueprints, Marketing materials, Infographics, Presentation materials, And more!

The Best of Both Worlds
Wide format printers are impressive because of the extraordinary kinds of projects they can do, but they don’t skimp on the standard projects that still need to get done. These versatile machines are also capable of everyday printing, scanning, and faxing making them a useful and useable piece of office equipment.

One of the things that truly makes wide format printers excellent is their efficiency settings and abilities. They are designed to conserve power and other resources and accomplish tasks with the same quality. With power saving settings, they are able to power down and save energy when not in use, saving resources and money in the long run. They, like other CWS printing devices, are also easy to integrate into current networks and technology so you can begin using them and reaping the benefits right away.

Digital Duplicators

Imagine your office is hit with a big project with little warning. Do you have the capabilities to get it done quickly? Do you have the right equipment? CWS has a staff of experienced and helpful employees ready to help you select the best products for you. Our team will customize a plan and help you feel ready no matter what knocks on your door. If you’re a company that needs to support big printing needs, consider a digital duplicator that will be ready and reliable every day.

Finding Your Solution
At CWS, we don’t have cookie-cutter “one-size-fits-all” solutions for your problems. We take the time to listen and evaluate your company before we make recommendations. If your company needs to have the ability to print or copy larger quantities regularly, we have digital duplicators that make it a breeze.

Three Solutions
Our digital duplicators come in three varieties based on the needs and size of your company. The three types of machines are: Low volume, Mid volume, and High volume.

With these three options, businesses can evaluate how much they need to print and when to select the machine best suited to their needs.

Created to Serve
These digital duplicators are workhorses. With speed and accuracy you won’t believe and the reliability you need, our digital duplicators are the perfect step to accomplishing your next printing projects. In addition to working hard, they are also built to be intuitive meaning that even the least tech-savvy person in your office should have no problem getting up to speed and getting the most out of these machines.

Interactive Whiteboards

At CWS, we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of exciting new technology. One such example is with the interactive whiteboards we sell, which combine the functionality of whiteboards of the past with new technology to awe and inspire audiences from students to coworkers and more. For offices looking for the next big touch, the interactive whiteboard is an innovative, exciting, and cutting-edge tool.

True to Tradition
While our technologies are looking toward the future, they also continue to incorporate important elements from the past. In the case of interactive whiteboards, some come with dry erase surfaces to allow the user to integrate old habits in with the new. The dry erase surfaces are easy to clean and durable, while also being compatible with the new technology applied here.

Enhanced Interactions
The most exciting thing about interactive whiteboards is that they no longer are just a display for people to stare at. They allow the users to draw, collaborate, and learn in a whole new way. Users can pull up plans, take notes, and experiment with new ideas in a digital world. In addition, our interactive whiteboards also have speakers to bring presentations and plans to life with enhanced audio abilities.

Some versions of our interactive whiteboards feature capabilities for more than one person to interact at a time, meaning you can join forces with other great minds in one easy-to-use area. The board allows multiple users to use the interactive pens to write, draw, and jot down notes all at the same time.


Every office has confidential or sensitive information they don’t want getting into the wrong hands. Whether it’s bank account information, employment records, or tax documents, there are many pages that need to be handled carefully. When it comes time that the information no longer needs to be kept, but is still sensitive, what does your company do with those documents? Are you sure they’re safe?

One of the best ways that companies ensure the safety of their sensitive information is by using shredders. These machines take full sized documents and cut them into thin strips to destroy them and mix up the information. This ensures that private information is kept private and is not easily accessible by the wrong people.

Not only do the shredders from CWS provide a company with information safety, but also these machines are designed to value the safety of those using them as well. They are powerful document-shredding machines but are set with features including electronic sensors that make them safe to use and ready for action. That means that even though your documents will be in shreds, your fingers won’t!

Our shredders are ready to take care of business with the greatest of ease. For busy companies with sensitive information, these tools are invaluable. They are high-performing and ready to keep up with your needs no matter how overwhelming they may be. If you’re ready to destroy it, our machines are ready to shred it.


When it comes time for a big presentation, what tricks do you have up your sleeve to make sure your ideas are clear, engaging, and well-presented? For a fresh idea, consider a new projector from CWS. With brilliant color, resolution, and clarity, these machines are the perfect addition to any office. The variety in shapes and sizes also make it easy to find the machine that is perfectly suited to your workload.

The Choice Is Clear
CWS only sells the highest-quality office equipment which means our projectors produce clear and stunning results. There are many excellent times to use a projector including: To share creative projects with a group, For a presentation or speech, and During a staff meeting.

Using a projector ensures everyone is seeing the same information and working together. To enhance communication and create a better image, consider adding a projector to your office equipment.

Additional Features
There are a variety of tools, features, and styles to choose from depending on your office needs. Projectors come in many different shapes and sizes, and our knowledgeable staff can help select the best model for you. Projectors come with a variety of features including zoom options, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compact sizes for portability.

One of the most common uses for projectors are for presentations. Some companies require more mobility as they are frequently giving presentations in various locations. For comfort and flexibility, there are projectors specifically built to be easily portable making it easy to pack up and bring your projector with you.



"Pleasants County Schools is about to begin our third year working with CWS for our copier services. The Ricoh equipment is reliable with great features and is easy to manage. We rarely have any downtime, but the service department dispatches immediately when we do. I have called several times with questions on copier features and I’ve always gotten immediate guidance. The monthly usage reports has helped us budget for and track our paper usage which has resulted in a significant reduction in copies from year 1 to year 2."

Gary Bills
Pleasants County Schools

"I want to thank you and the staff at CWS for the outstanding service and support we have received during our first year of business together. You guys really know what it takes to make and keep people happy. I am happy to report that we continue to benefit from the economy of the equipment and our service agreement with CWS. Working with you has saved our firm thousands of dollars."

Karen Gilmore
Firm Administrator
Carey, Scott, Douglas & Kessler, PLLC

"CWS manages our I.T. Network Infrastructure and they always go above and beyond with their service with us. CWS is second to none and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation."

Brian Knight

"CWS has provided us with years of outstanding service. Their team has always been great to work with on purchasing equipment and service after the sale. I couldn’t imagine our office without their services!"

Jan Dils
Attorneys at Law, LC

"After our current contract expired, we wanted to find a company that provided great service and quality machines. CWS not only provided Doddridge County Schools with quality machines, they have gave us the best service we have ever received from any technology based company."

Darren McCullough
I.T. Director
Doddridge County Schools