When it comes to IT work, it can be difficult for managers who aren’t experts in computers to deal with IT needs in a logical way. Computers and technology take such a pivotal role in the business landscape of today that it’s necessary to keep them up and running at all times. That’s where CWS comes in. The experts at CWS can take on managed IT services, taking the stress of technical maintenance off your plate and ensuring that your business technology is operating at top capacity at all times.

Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Managed Security Services
  • Hardware as a Service
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Professional Services

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Managed Security Services

CWS Office Solutions’ Managed Security Services are designed for those Customers that typically do not have any IT Staff but require a network environment that maintains industry best practices standards. An industry certified IT Services Technician will install and/or configure a next generation firewall with gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion detection and prevention services. Endpoint protection and Windows security patch management will be installed on every system that is running a supported operating system. Benefits of this combination of next generation firewall technology and remote IT management tools include:


  • Managed virus/malware/spyware protection at gateway and end user levels
    • These services will be automatically updated with the latest threat definitions.
    • Gateway services protect your network from guests who do not have the needed patches and protection for secure communications.
    • Web protection tools are included.
    • Optional end user data backup to cloud can be purchased.
  • Managed patch installation and after hours reboots when needed.
    • Microsoft® patches keep your operating system up to date and immune to many harmful attacks such as ransomware.
    • Patches for many other software packages are included.
  • Firewall installation and/ or configuration.
    • This includes rules to allow access to existing internal resources at the time of agreement.
    • This also includes a standard content filtering template applied to all users.
    • Secure network access from remote workplaces are included.
  • Remote monitoring of threats at the end user level.
    • This includes virus identification and hardware performance alerts.
    • Key contact will be notified if additional action is needed.
  • Quarterly security surveys where internet-facing passwords will be changed and environment will be scanned for changes and updates.
  • Personal and daily attention from a System Engineer assigned to your account.
  • Pricing Considerations
    • Is there a hardware firewall installed that actively protects the network?
      • This should involve deep scans on all traffic for malware and viruses.
    • How many systems need endpoint protection and patch management?
    • The regular maintenance of security hardware and software must be considered.
Hardware as a Service

CWS IT Hardware as a Service is designed for those Customers that typically do not have any IT Staff but require an easy to manage technology refresh strategy that maintains industry best practices standards. An industry certified IT Services Technician will install and configure all hardware and software and maintain the equipment. An agent will be installed on to monitor health and performance. Benefits of this service include:

  • Proactive hardware maintenance
  • Realtime alerts
  • Remote and on-site firmware, bios, and operating system updates
  • Management for warranty, recalls, and updates
  • Managed technology roadmap to ensure best possible up-time
  • Low initial investment


  • Pricing Considerations:
    • This depends on your hardware requirements, but the common things to consider are:
    • Do you want CWS to be responsible for all the hardware maintenance?
      • For example: firmware updates, cleaning, etc.…
    • Do you want CWS to manage the technology refresh in the future?
    • Do you want to own the equipment at the end of the agreement?
      • How long do you want to pay on it?
Business Continuity

CWS Office Solutions’ Business Continuity Services are designed for those Customers that typically do not have any IT Staff but require an automated backup and disaster recovery solution that maintains industry best practices standards. An industry certified IT Services Technician will install and configure an on-site appliance with the ability to capture an image backup of your server and replicate that securely to a datacenter. An agent can be installed on a server or workstation that is running a supported Microsoft operating system. Benefits of this service include:

  • Image based backups of entire system.
    • This means Windows and line of business applications are backed up also.
    • Entire server can be restored to dissimilar hardware.
  • Fast Failback provides a seamless restoration to repaired hardware.
  • Local, Cloud Based, or Hybrid Cloud with DRaaS
  • Ransomware Detection
  • End to End Encryption


  • Pricing considerations
    • Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
      • How much data can the customer afford to lose?
        • Days, hours, minutes?
    • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
      • How long can the customer afford to wait for the data to be restored?
        • Days, hours, minutes?
      • This varies greatly on different solutions.
    • Virtualization
      • This option allows the customer to “mirror” and run their system even if the primary hardware has failed.
        • This involves a redundant local device.
      • In a disaster where you should lose your physical servers and NAS, servers and/or workstations may be virtualized off-site.
Professional Services

CWS Technical Support plans are designed for those Customers that typically do not have any IT Staff but require occasional on-site/on-demand network support services. An industry certified IT Services Technician will be dispatched to solve issues remotely or onsite. Customer may utilize its service plan for a variety of network and software maintenance issues and problems. Installation and configuration of additional hardware and software not installed at the time of this agreement is not included. Most areas of support include:

  • Network Upgrades according to industry best practices
  • Troubleshooting
  • Commercial off-the-shelf software support (with active support agreement)
  • Virus/malware/spyware removal
  • Configuration and troubleshooting Microsoft® Software.
  • Configuration of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection with existing equipment
  • Firewall configuration (Sophos & SonicWall)
  • Password reset and existing software/hardware configuration
  • Desktop, server, and infrastructure support on manufacturer warrantied hardware
    • Hardware with expired manufacturer warranty will be replaced by customer at failure
  • Best effort support for any IT system previously installed and not specifically covered by a manufacturer

Customer may utilize Professional Services as a Virtual CIO service including:

  • Technology Roadmap for immediate improvements and future upgrade planning.
  • Security and Disaster planning.
  • Infrastructure maintenance and management to minimize downtime incidents.

CWS Professional Services All-Inclusive plans are billed monthly and evaluated annually to provide a forecastable and flexible IT budget.

  • Service calls are tracked through an internal service ticket management system.
  • A summary call history can be provided for review.
  • Technicians are tracked by start and stop dates and times.
  • Problem descriptions and resolutions are recorded.

CWS Professional Services Block of Time plans include services described above for specified contract hours per year.

  • Hours in a year do not carry over to next year; however, the customer has the option to renew for an additional annual service agreement.
  • For customers that do not renew or add hours prior to the expiration of their plan, the normal hourly charge of $150 will be applied to each additional hour after specified contract hours are used and will be invoiced after work has been completed.

Pricing Considerations

  • How much time will it take to maintain the current environment?
    • How many workstations, servers, network devices?
    • How many average service calls are there per year, or quarter?
  • Are there any planned projects? How much time is estimated for the projects?



"Pleasants County Schools is about to begin our third year working with CWS for our copier services. The Ricoh equipment is reliable with great features and is easy to manage. We rarely have any downtime, but the service department dispatches immediately when we do. I have called several times with questions on copier features and I’ve always gotten immediate guidance. The monthly usage reports has helped us budget for and track our paper usage which has resulted in a significant reduction in copies from year 1 to year 2."

Gary Bills
Pleasants County Schools

"I want to thank you and the staff at CWS for the outstanding service and support we have received during our first year of business together. You guys really know what it takes to make and keep people happy. I am happy to report that we continue to benefit from the economy of the equipment and our service agreement with CWS. Working with you has saved our firm thousands of dollars."

Karen Gilmore
Firm Administrator
Carey, Scott, Douglas & Kessler, PLLC

"CWS manages our I.T. Network Infrastructure and they always go above and beyond with their service with us. CWS is second to none and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation."

Brian Knight

"CWS has provided us with years of outstanding service. Their team has always been great to work with on purchasing equipment and service after the sale. I couldn’t imagine our office without their services!"

Jan Dils
Attorneys at Law, LC

"After our current contract expired, we wanted to find a company that provided great service and quality machines. CWS not only provided Doddridge County Schools with quality machines, they have gave us the best service we have ever received from any technology based company."

Darren McCullough
I.T. Director
Doddridge County Schools